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Anybody can make free publicity on GayBox

Just make a profile. Users can edit their profile by clicking on “Edit Profile” on the main picture. There is a separate section for Business. When users fill this in, the Business tab will show in the profile page.

No mandatory fields!

Please remember that no profile fields are mandatory. Most businesses probably want to skip some information. No problem, of course. Fields left blank do not show up in profiles.

Privacy levels

In the Settings menu, then in Profile Visibility, the levels of information can be set. A telephone number, for instace could be only visible to people who are logged in.

Additional Company information

Additional information, and announcements can be shared in the activity stream. Graphic material can be made available in the Picture gallery and albums.

Create Groups

Businesses can create groups. Other users can join that group, and receive updates in their activity stream about businesses and products. In a group, a separate Chatbox is available for that group only. In the group chat, auto translation is available. In this way, any business can communicate with clients in 100 languages. Through the chat, also documents can be sent or receved. Like .pdf files, et cetera. In the general chat, please communicate in private, as this chat is mainly used by daters.

Be visible

The main business picture or logo will show up in the picture wall in our Social Zone. When there is a lot of commercial activity, we might limit the business logos per page. But the logo will still show up.

User conditions

Businesses are kindly reminded to check our user conditions. Especially the section about commercial activity on our network. Please remember it is a free service. Also please take note we only can accept business that is legal in Europe. What applies to users in general, applies to businesses as well.

Instant FREE Multinational

Once you prepared your business page, change the language of the page. In any of the languages available. Check how your information is readable worldwide. No matter if you only look for a job, or a house, or you sell packets worldwide, you can now call yourself a Multinational operation. GayBox has already been visited by people from nearly 140 countries.

More and better Publicity on GayBox

If a business is happy with our free publicity possibility but wants more, please contact

We will be more than happy to explain possibilities and prices. General site statistics are available as well.



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