Privacy Policy

Your privacy is Yours!

Our service is based in, and òn, Europe.

So European privacy protection applies. Also coming improvements on privacy laws, we already apply, like confidentiality of mail. That is why we use encryption and peer to peer techniques.

See us like a post office. We only pass enveloppes. Which only under highly execeptional conditions can be openend, mostly under court orders. And many of our envelopes have a lock on them, we can’t even open.

Our privacy policy is being applied to the free part of our service as well. It is not that, while you get a service for free, we will do what we like with your information. On the contrary.

Opposite to countries like, for example the united states, where your whole activity can be sold to whomever pays, we stick to what is normal in Europe: Your privacy is yours. We cannot explain it shorter.

Logging in with Facebook, Twitter or Google is not activated. Just giving that option informs these giants about all users that went past our login page. Information that is actively being used and combined by them, without your nor our permission. We do not like that mentality. Soon we will put a separate login page for that. So it will be up to you to choose.

Inside our system we use Google Maps for geolocalisation. This part thus shares user information with Google. If you do not like that, do not use that part. There currently is no other good alternative for Google Maps. When on our site, you share or watch material like YouTube movies, be aware that such companies also track user behaviour.

We ourselves do absolutely only use cookies to make our system work. In case our free section might contain ads, we do not allow third party ad systems.

We want users to know, that we do not cooperate with police nor judges from non-EU countries. Especially for those countries where gays are prosecuted or privacy is not well guarded by law, we may even actively feed them with false information. This can include making false profiles on other social networks and the use of chat bots. We are pretty good at this and prefectly legal to do so.

Finally, we are the creators of the old Dutch gay chatbox “Chatboy”. Which was the biggest and most liberal for a decade. In those years we saw so many things, that you should be really creative to make us curious. From day one, May 2000, we let all our users do what they liked. We continued and hope to even do that better than we did. Because we have experience! Just enjoy your stay.



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