GayBox and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Fully compatible

GayBox was created a year earlier than the European legislation on privacy protection. One of the most important reasons was privacy protection.

You will not find a pop-up or other confirmation, because GayBox simply does not want to sell your privacy.

Our database

All data on our server is always stored in Europe. And only in Europe.
To delete all your information, look at the configuration page of your profile.
Direct link:***username***/settings/delete-account/

After 24 hours your information is no longer in our backups either.

Database access

GayBox has only one person with access to the database. This access is purely for maintenance.
The password is very long and very safe.

Privacy contact

There is a separate privacy form on the contact page.

Privacy control

You can change the visibility for each element of your profile. You can decide to publish, share or save information for yourself only. When you only keep information for yourself, only you and the site administrator can still see it. The site administrator is “blind” and only one person.

When you publish, you have to be careful with data that can be combined by others. This is a reason why we change your birth date to your age, for example.


In the EU: GayBox does not work with authorities unless we know what the problem is. It has to be about something sensible.
Outside the EU: GayBox does not work with authorities. Non-EU authorities must contact Europol.
Secret services: Even if James Bond became gay, forget it.


The basic principle of GayBox is that what is not forbidden in Europe is welcome.


GayBox cooperates with European privacy protection organizations.

GayBox is even better than GDPR

GayBox monetization model: Exclusive paid extra functionality (VIP) and advertisers who do not track users on GayBox.

New owner: GayBox will inform all users in advance. So that you can delete your data if you do not agree with it.

Letter secret: All your messages on GayBox are treated under letter secret. This includes all messages, text, audio and video chats. Automatic translations are processed completely anonymously.

Payments: Private information on (PayPal) payments is not processed or shared. It is only viewed by GayBox if the payer asks for it himself. Furthermore, all payment details remain secret. GayBox also considers payment data as data you own.

Geolocalization: For geolocalisation we use Google Maps. Localization information is only stored in GayBox cookies. This can not be read back by Google. In addition, you can manually enter a different location on the map than your real location. GayBox does not “follow” your real location. If you want to change your chosen location, you will have to reset it yourself. With the privacy settings on the site you can decide with whom you want to share your chosen location.

Other sensors: For the video chat you have to give access yourself to your camera and microphone. Image and sound does not go through the GayBox server and can therefore not be monitored by GayBox. In addition, the connection is encrypted. After disconnecting the connection, access to camera and microphone stops. During the connection you can turn off your camera or microphone. All further data on mobile are not requested nor used.

Referer data: If you reach GayBox via a link, for example in a search engine, the URL of that site comes along. On GayBox this is only processed in our own general statistics (GayBox does not use an external system for visitor statistics). If you click on a link to another page in GayBox, your browser also passes our URL to that site. This can not be blocked on an internet server. So also not on the GayBox server. You can surf anonymously with some browsers.

Critics of the law: To comply to the GDPR, cost us just a bit of time. 0 Euros of investment. And no administrative burden whatsoever. It even made us more happy to seriously respect all users.


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