• Can everybody join GayBox?
    Yes, as long as you are a man (adult), or feel man, and you like the company of men.
  • I want to change my password
    You can do that in your profile page. Not a bad idea to change your password regularly. And avoid passwords that others can guess easily.
  • I lost my password
    Click on the lost password link and we will email you.
  • My password has been abused
    Click on the lost password link and we will email you.
  • I want to change my name
    You can do that in your profile page. No obligation to use your real nor full name.
  • Do I have to fill in my profile completely and honestly?
    No. All we need is your email to contact you, a password to protect your access and a name (or our system won’t work). For the rest you are free to fill in what you like. Just take notice that the more details you submit, the better our matching system will work.
    Tip: All info, including your more intimate details, you can put on “Only visible by me”. Our matching system will still pick that up, without giving details away. In this way you might find a match on more aspects faster!
  • Should my profile picture be decent?
    Absolutely! A decent picture of your doggy, your view, your left earlobe, your fabulous bum or stunning willy, please put it. There is nothing illegal about it, so of course you can. Most sites and apps have a problem with that, we don’t.
    It gets boring if everybody would keep our default picture, wouldn’t it?
    Beside that, we are a REAL Gay site. What would gay life be without fabulous bums and stunning willies (while all the public bus stops are postered with tits..?)

    By the way, in our chat you can also privately send pictures 1-on-1. Our chat is fully encrypted, so it is really private 1-on-1.

  • I want the GayBox app on my mobile!?
    You can easily make that yourself. Open the page in Google Chrome, and choose “Add to start screen” in the browser menu (on the right, top). Close the browser and open the app clicking the icon on your screen.


  • Is GayBox worldwide?
    No. Some countries we blocked. Mostly to avoid unwanted visitors. And to avoid cyber attacks. (Might that incident happen once anyway, we might be temporarily offline. It cannot take long, because our servers are in a huge professional server park. Don’t be afraid, everything is secured.)
  • In which countries is GayBox available?
    All countries of the European Union. And all other gay friendly countries.
  • Which languages are available in GayBox?
    We continually extend the languages available. Check out the menu where we are now. There may be languages available from which countries are blocked. Countries do not own languages, people who speak those languages might be in more civilized places, or have used other ways to access us.
  • I see language errors
    We are not fluent in all languages. If you want to help out, click on support and send your corrections in the “Suggestions” form.


  • When you allow so much (anonymously), is GayBox not dangerous?
    No. Don’t forget we are very experienced in this field. In our experience, serious incidents rarely happen. Flying or driving a car is more dangerous.
  • I intend to use GayBox for illigitimate things
    While incidents were always rare, over the years we built up a good reputation cooperating with (then Dutch) police authorities and courts. Without harming other users privacy or pleasure. Now we are active in the whole of the EU, we will keep doing that. So it is not very smart to do “crooked” things here. When you just think a bit, you understand we do not franticly remove things, because we can not always remove evidence. So if something is not immediately removed, do not take it for granted your activity “is allowed”.
  • So, what ìs allowed??
    In all European laws there is one handy article: “Everybody is supposed to know the law.” You are supposed to know what you can and cannot do in daily life. And with us. Besides that, read our user conditions. When you really become a nuisace to us, (we do have a lot of patience though) then it still is our server and we will act. We prefer to spend our attention on users who do enjoy using GayBox.
  • Is GayBox 100% secure?
    Not 100%. 99,999%, yes. We do everything to keep our service super secure. We update software regularly. In theory this is a risk, because a correction might still be in the update we do not have yet. Logically. For the rest we apply all security measures we know. But fact is that even the best safe can be opened.
    Luckily opening a safe without permission is a crime, and finally this principle applies to websites too, these days.
    Might you discover a serious “leak”, please notify our technical support.
  • I see material that is mine!
    The inventor of the MS-DOS COPY command is Microsoft, who got the idea from IBM (1981). The inventor of the Unix cp command is Bell Labs (1978). The first automated copy functions are from the 30s. And one of the first automated copy machines was the programmable weaving machine of Joseph-Marie Jacquard (1790).

    All material on this site is a copy. Even from our own original material. They are not documents, but dynamic material. It can be there, it can be gone or changed just like that.

    Out of respect for people with rights we certainly can, promptly, remove copies within our power, provided those rights are properly proven. In cases of damages, we remind you it is plausible, copies were copied and distributed on other websites and systems as well, and any first copy of an original is likely made with the consent of the owner.

  • I see or read things that I do not like!
    Stop looking at it.



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