User Conditions

General Conditions

Rule 1: Don’t moan or harrass.
Rule 2: No matter how right you are, rule 1 still applies.
Rule 3: You don’t want to know how lovely we are.

Target group

Men who like men, men who love men. So men. Also men who sometimes enjoy wearing dresses but still like men, or women born in the wrong body, who feel a lot more men among men. Men. Men among men.


Our European freedoms did arrive with a lot of hassle in the past. They were certainly not as natural as today. We cherish them but also expect respect from our users for our dear freedoms.


Some things are for the street, other for behind closed doors. Spending your whole life alone behind a closed door is pretty lonely though. Hence this site. Yet, when somebody allows you behind that door, respect that. Or at least the door.


Nobody here needs to use his real name (you can change it all the time if you want). A little lie is just a little lie. No obligation to “get out of the closet” nor to sleep with whomever tells you. You and you alone, decide to be more open and frank.

Pictures, Videos and texts

There are authors-, portrait- and copyright laws. Please keep them in mind. We cannot screen everything on the fly. Like who actually owns that picture of that nose. We do not need to, because every user, naturally, is responsible for what he submits or shares. In smaller circles or wider. Your material, also copied on our server, remains your responsability. In reverse, the whole contents of the entire internet is a copy of something. Are you the owner of a face, bum, phone number, address, or whatever, keep the original to yourself. If anything is easy with computers, it is making a copy. When someone breaks your confidence in this matter, talk to this someone, not right away complain to us.


Laws vary a bit in Europe, but surely from 18 years old, you are considered adult. When you are not 18 yet, be carefull. Keep your parents or caretakers posted on what you do on-line. Never do things nobody knows about, never meet where nobody else is. Keep your private pictures private. Before you know, half the school has them and you spend the rest of your life half crazy. On the other side, we expect our adult users to dream whatever they like, but also respect the younger. No matter how curious they might be. Are you older than 18, it is also wiser to be careful. And are you female, no matter what age, or hair color, read the target group section again.


Read Rule 1. Read Rule 1. Read Rule 1. For the rest everybody is free to ask or offer money for services.

Our Copyright

Our pages are based on an original work and thus is copyright protected. Copy and paste are simple, we know, but if our concept inspires you please be as original as us. Because in this court case in 2003 (Link, Dutch!) we did not even have to be present in court to win.


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