Registered, now what?

Welcome to GayBox

What can you do here?

Make your profile more attractive

Check out the help page on how you can add information, add a background picture and how you can set your location.

Show activity

You can post text, but also all pictures and video’s you like, in your Profile Activity.

Find new friends

In the Members page you can search for friends. You also can see the members on the map, if they have set their location.

The search function also works on parts of words. If you search for Mexico, and for City “ti”, you see all Mexican members from Tijuana and all other cities with “ti”.

If a member is not on-line, you can send a private message. This will send an email to the member immediately (this can be configured in Profile settings). When this person is available, he can maybe come on-line too.

If you click on profile fields of any member in this system, you also go to the members page, and see other members with this word.

You can send a friendship request. This will send an email to the member immediately (this can be configured in Profile settings). When a member accepts, you can sometimes see information, pictures, videos on a profile, that is only available for friends.

Go to the chatbox

The green area below is the chatbox. You can see who is on line.

You can have private one to one conversations. In the chatbox, you can send pictures, videos and other documents.

If you want to chat with a member who is not on line, you can send a private message on his profile page. He might see the email, and come on line.

You can communicate with people in 30 languages and you can see the local time of the other members.

Go to the videochat

You can have a 100% private video chat with other members all over the world. Only you and the other member can see this.

Go to the Groups

Create your own group. Invite people to join you. Or join existing groups. Every group can have it’s own chatbox, separate from the general chat. In the group you can also share pictures and video’s.




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