How to make better profile pictures

Tips to be more successful with your (profile) pictures.

Color contrast

Increase the contrast between you and the background. Photoshop does wonders. Make the background darker or lighter to accentuate your own colors and exposure so that you get to the fore.

Background contamination

Go for a fairly even background. Do not use backgrounds with many different shapes and colors. Beware of busy outside environments, that draw attention away from the main character.

Other people

Do not show other people in your first photo. The brain must understand in a millisecond about whom it is.


Place yourself prominently in the frame. Photos with the top 1/3 part of your body work best.


Never wear sunglasses on your first photo. Also do not eat a burger, how nice it may seem. If you want to seduce the brain, your face must be clearly visible.

Make multiple photos

Create many photos. Choose the best photo.


Light can make your photo much more beautiful and more interesting. Shadows can enhance your expression. The color of the light does a lot with your appearance. A flash can be quite cold. With warm light you come across healthy. A normal lamp, or the sun (especially in the morning and before the evening), gives warm light.

Photo corner

If you turn your head turns a bit, it usually gives a nicer picture. Looking straight into the lens is confrontational. Look a little bit next to the lens to be more inviting.

Use a comb

Make sure your hair is combed. And make sure your glasses are not skewed.


With some powder you can give your skin a softer effect.

Nice clothes

Put on clothes that you would wear on your first date.

Be creative

Think something creative. Do not forget to laugh. Think of your greatest love, or of the most attractive man you know. Or what you like best in bed. Or what you love to eat the most. That’s how your eyes will shine faster.

Place multiple photos on your page

A single picture can also be stolen from the internet. Place multiple photos on your page if you want to show that the photos really are yours. Also, to regularly change your profile picture, is a good tip.



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