Who we are

GayBox is a new concept from the original makers of chatboy.nl and chatguy.be.

In May 2000, we built and launched a chatbox that, curiously, allowed everything that was simply allowed in The Netherlands. There were alternatives. Many who tried to please the big advertisers. No dirty words. No naughty pictures. Shame on you! We thought that was rubbish (so sadly no ads to begin with). Our chatters even agreed more, and we were flooded by happy users. And interestingly, abuse was always very rare.

We look back on those times with very fond memories. The spontaneous invitations received, by men who were getting married. Chatters who never thought that handsome man in the street was “family” too. The man who called us in the night (a stalker published our private number), politely saying: “Hello, am I speaking with the internet?”. Fuss about “fakers”.

But also a 100% anonymous research project on our page, bij the Schorer Foundation and the University of Maastricht about private behaviour. Later on a big AIDS conference in Barcelona, they stunned the room with honest results of thousands of users (Thank you all, once more, who trusted and contributed!).

A very large part of Gay Netherlands frequented our chatbox. Hundreds of thousands.

The old concept one day was passed its time. Smartphones came, but were not powerfull enough yet, to use our chat. We moved in other directions.

Now we look around us. Social networks with the strangest user restrictions. Whole books of rules, that nobody reads, about what you supposedly should and cannot do. While your whole private life is sold “because you have a free account”. You can not click on a store article anymore whithout all consecutive screens filled with what you clicked on (Joe, I never knew you were into tarzan slips?). Your so called private messages are being analysed and used to manipulate you. They know, day and night, where you are and whom you are with, using apps on expensive phones, you must pay for as well as you pay for recharging those devices.

The current situation of freedom and privacy is far worse then when we started in the year 2000!

For us, it was about time to get up early once more, and we are wide awake now! We are back. With new technology. A whole social network. And now international from day 1 as well. Groups. Chatting. Videochatting. Sharing information. Sharing stories. Or just what you are up to right now, or what you are cooking tonight. Of course you can use your official real name. But where is de law that obliges you to do that? All rubbish. What is wrong about having a profile for the day, and a profile for the night? Who dares to tell you, you can’t?

We are back. Generation 2. Before we all start believing that our normal freedoms are not of these times anymore. Time to raise our proud European banner. We will continue on our same old principles. What is not prohibited by real laws, we allow. Yes we do. And your privacy is yours.

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